Holly Wade – From Family Grocery to Wellness Coach


In today’s episode, we have Holly Wade from Holly Wade Wellness.

Holly is a health and wellness coach based in Nebraska, but she works remotely with clients from everywhere and anywhere.

She’s got an awesome family business story, too. She grew up working for her family’s grocery store, and began working there in the first grade. She really wanted to work the cash register, and they had to keep a milk crate behind the counter so she could reach it.

As we talk about a lot, working in a family business is quite a unique experience, and we discuss building relationships with customers and employees, who become like family, to regulations that can make a whole community go out of business, to Holly’s new business as a health and wellness coach and the progress she’s made in it.

Since our conversation, she’s already got a lot of stuff going on, including some writing gigs lined up, but you can reach her on her website (hollywadewellness.com), her email address (holly@hollywadewellness.com), and she also has a Facebook group (Holly Wade Wellness Group).

Another cool thing Holly has available is a 4-week stress relief course called Exhausted to Energized: A Guilt-Free Approach to Self-Care, which will begin in early 2017, so check her website more details!

Holly’s awesome. She’s made a lot of awesome changes in her own life, and is helping others to do the same. Please enjoy this conversation with Holly Wade from Holly Wade Wellness.


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