How Derek Drushel Grew His Business as a System That Can Run Itself


Trust your big picture. Let your staff and everybody else help you with almost every detail and the little things.”

— Derek Drushel

You’d be hard pressed to meet someone more passionate and goal-oriented than Derek Drushel. Already having an established business in Webberville, Michigan, Derek’s family acquired property between Okemos and Williamston, which later became Joey’s Pet Outfitters. It was soon recognized that Derek would be the one to steer the ship for his family’s newest endeavor, and ten years later, Joey’s has become a remarkable success, with a forte in carrying specialized pet supplies.

The store’s namesake comes from a golden retriever owned by Derek’s parents named Joey. The Drushel’s had a vision to communicate how special Joey was to them by helping other pet owners take care of their Joey.

Derek and I didn’t only talk about pets, though. Through a bottle of pinot noir at Tavern 109 in Williamston, we discussed everything from his favorite book, to point of sale systems, to navigating the overwhelming world of online reviews. It was a great time!

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Hidden Gems

Here are some of the hidden gems from the interview with Derek:

Book Derek Highly Recommends

The E-Myth by Michael E. Gerber

Derek highly recommends this book/audiobook and so do I. It can help you turn your business into a system that runs itself.

Point of Sale Software Derek Uses

Lightspeed POS

Where You Can Reach Derek Online

Joey’s Pet Outfitters on Facebook

Joey’s Pet Outfitters on Twitter

Joey’s Pet Outfitters on YouTube

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