The Family Business Experience Blog!

Join me as I dive into the experiences of people who work for family businesses. What are their most memorable moments to date? What services do they use that have proven helpful? What changes have they seen in their industry along the way?

What You Can Expect

Do you need to be in a family business to take away something from this? Not in the slightest. I only narrow this newsletter to discussing family businesses because I feel there tends to be hilarious similarities in experiences between those of people in family businesses I’ve met over the years and my own.

Am I an expert in success? Of course not, but I love hearing about other people’s experiences, and I feel there is plenty to gain from them.


It’s probably important to point out that this newsletter, and any subsequent interviews, will be uncensored. So if you’re adverse to swearing, you may want to find a different newsletter. I’m going the uncensored route because I want the interviews to stay authentic.

The Interviews

The interviews will be audio-based, and there will be a link to them in the newsletter as well as on this blog. I’ll briefly summarize the interview and include links to any gems that come up so you don’t have to write them down while listening. What service does Company X use that has proven successful? Boom, right here, baby! I’ve got you covered.

A Little About Me

When people ask me, What do you do?, I have a hard time answering. I do many things. If we begin with my passions, I say I’m a musician (an acoustic guitarist), film buff, and avid language learner, among other things.

The primary way in which I earn an income is through my family’s company, Friedland Industries, Inc. We are a scrap-recycling company that processes metals, paper, plastics, and electronics for recycling. We play a vital role in the recycling process; preparing material before it can be re-melted or re-pulped at a mill or refinery and ultimately turned into new products.

While my passions (i.e. the answers to the question, What would you do if money didn’t matter?) lay with some of the things I mentioned in the first paragraph, I am very passionate about my family, and the future success of our company. My great grandfather, David Friedland, was an immigrant from Latvia. He started trading objects on the corner of Maple and Center St. in what is now Old Town, Lansing as a peddler with horse and cart in 1886. This later evolved into what was known as scrap-processing, which is now referred to as recycling. This makes me part of the 4th generation of our family-owned and operated business. No pressure, right? 😉 That said, I love working with my dad and uncle, along with everyone else in the Friedland family, blood-related or not.

If I had to guess, I’d say most of us, whether we work for a family business or not, are continuously trying to find a balance between how we earn an income and pursue our passions. With this newsletter, my hope is to provide encouragement to those who struggle with this as much as I do. Perhaps by hearing each other’s stories and strategies with work, we’ll also find a few hidden gems that may help us in life. Here’s to finding out!

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