Learn the Basics of Running Your New Business with Joel and Laura Acevedo of Tradent QCS


Got a great episode for you today.

Joel and Laura Acevedo, along with their daughter Kayra, have a sweet new family business going called Tradent Quality Consulting Services, where they help entrepreneurs figure out the basics of running a business, like how to understand your financial statements, how you can find funding; things that everyone starting a business needs to know.

What’s also cool is how they got to this point. Joel worked for his father’s taxi company in West Palm Beach, FL, Nelson Cab, since he was a kid. He’d often sit in the front seat helping his dad with directions (pre-Google Maps days!).

Growing up in his family’s business, Joel lived through seeing what it’s like managing employees and learning the importance of knowing the pulse of their emotions toward the company. We also talk about how companies like Uber and Lyft have changed everything, and possible solutions for helping taxi cab companies compete in today’s world.

Laura’s background is in international business, with both experience and a passion for helping people start their businesses. So between the two of them, Joel and Laura have a wealth of knowledge that allows them to help other people, which brings us to Tradent Quality Consulting Services.

This is great episode to check out. I’d like to make a quick apology, though. I thought Joel pronounced his name like Jole, and didn’t realize his name is pronounced Joe-L until I heard Laura say it. So I pronounced it incorrectly throughout the interview. My apologies about that Joel! You sounded awesome, even though I totally messed up. :/

A couple more quick notes about Tradent QCS, Joel and Laura also have an offer going on through the end of October. They’re currently offering free consulting services through December for TWO lucky businesses! All they ask in return are honest testimonials on their website and/or Facebook page.

Just send them an email at info@tradentqcs.com, and include the words Free Advisory Until December somewhere in the email, and they’ll know what you mean.

You can also give them a call at (561) 906-2435 or (787) 469-1997, or reach them through their Facebook page.

One last thing, they also provide services in Spanish, so if you’re starting a business, and your primary language is Spanish, or if you just feel more comfortable conversing in Spanish, Joel and Laura’s services can be tremendously helpful. (so awesome!)

Without further adieu, please enjoy this conversation with Joel and Laura (and Kayra!) Acevedo of Tradent Quality Consulting Services. 🙂


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