Whitney Nicely’s Passion for Real Estate and the Power of Negotiating a Lightbulb


“If you can negotiate a $5 lightbulb, you’ve won.”

— Whitney Nicely, quoting her grandfather, Ray Walker Sr.


All right, y’all. This is a great interview, especially if you’re interested in how to get into real estate without becoming a realtor.


Whitney Nicely has a massive amount of knowledge in several areas. Her family has owned and operated a number of companies over the years. Her great grandfather started their first family business, Walker’s Truck Contractors, in 1939. Today, the company has around 100 employees and 75 trucks that run 24/7 at the zinc mines in Jefferson City, TN.


The family also has a dump truck company called Nicely’s Construction, they had a scrap business at one point that specialized in heavy industrial dump truck salvage, and also have a real estate company called Walker Construction.


Ray Walker Sr., loving referred to as Pappaw by Whitney, is Whitney’s grandfather. Ray Sr. went from not knowing Whitney really well to the two of them becoming incredibly close. Whitney still uses much of her grandfather’s advice in her real estate career today (like the quote above).


In 2009, Whitney started helping in the family’s real estate business. She loved it so much that by 2014, she decided to do real estate full time. Her life has changed tremendously since.


Today, Whitney has a number of her own businesses, the main of which is Whitney Buys Houses, where she does exactly that; buys houses, flips them, and resells them for a profit. She also owns a real estate auction company, Nicely Done Auctions, where people can submit a property they’d like Whitney to sell.


Here’s where things get really cool. It just so happens that Whitney LOVES teaching people about real estate as well. In fact, she’s started a podcast called All Real Estate, All the Time, AND she has an AWESOME free quiz you should check out, REI Pop Quiz! It tells you what type of real estate investor you are, which can ultimately help you figure the best way to invest. Whitney’s happy to help you along the way.


And, I’ll tell you what. During our conversation, Whitney explained how easy it actually is to buy property without a lot of money (particularly in land auctions), and how quickly small property purchases can compound into large gains. Such good info!


There’s so much you’ll learn from this episode. Whitney has generously provided a TON of great tips in this funny, upbeat, and positive conversation. Have a listen! 🙂



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Here’s some more ways to find Whitney online:

First, remember to take Whitney’s free quiz, REI Pop Quiz!, to help you figure out what kind of real estate investor you are, and how you can get more involved in the world of real estate.

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Whitney Nicely on YouTube (You can find loads of videos and her podcast here.)


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