With My Friends from Foods For Living


What’s up everybody!

Incredibly excited to share this episode with you because these people are dear to my heart.

Foods For Living is an employee-owned health food store in East Lansing, MI, and I got to chat with two key people there, Kellie Mackin and Chris Faulkner.

My relationship with Foods For Living started as a musician, playing there on Saturday mornings once in awhile. And I have to say, I still view it as one of the best vibes I’ve felt during a gig. You get to play for happy people shopping on the weekend. 🙂

Luckily, the staff at Foods have invited me back multiple times to play, including at their tent sales, which are great discount events they hold twice a year.

That professional relationship evolved into a group of people who I truly view as friends. And that’s EXACTLY why they’re a perfect group of people to learn from, and why I wanted to interview them for the podcast. You really feel like part of their family when you walk in there.

A lot of great stuff to take away from this episode. Kellie, Chris, and I talk about all sorts of stuff, like their methods for hiring people, how they’ve responded to competition from national chains that have come to the Lansing area, and where they see Foods For Living in the future.

And on top of that, they’ve got a special going right now through the end of the month, so listen up, folks!

From now until the end of November, the first 10 people to reference this podcast (The Family Business Experience) will get $10 their purchase!

So go now and prosper!

Without further adieu, please enjoy this conversation with my friends, Chris and Kellie, from Foods For Living!



During the interview, Chris mentioned Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory Quadrant Model as a philosophy he uses in many aspects of business, from hiring to long term planning. You can read more about Ken Wilber here!

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